Signature Business Portraits – Platinum Package




While beautiful, regular portraits/headshots require a standard amount of time, use standard backdrops, lighting, and no props. In comparison, Signature Portrait is a more elaborated, detailed and beautiful portrait. We devote more time to create a subject lighting that suits you; to setup the right environment (lighting, angles, ambience, mood, props) and; to do a meticulous post-production (edition) in order to create a unique portrait that reflects your career, personal or business goals.


  • Individualized subject lighting and backlighting
  • Special ambience/room/office/boardroom lighting
  • Special mood lighting, if required (i.e. Dramatic contrast, Color lighting, Extended Backlighting)
  • Support outdoors lighting, when needed. (We use diffusers or portable strobes/flashes to attenuate hard shadows and overpower sunlight)
  • Use of props or products, if needed. Whenever you need to promote your business showing your products or services. (i.e. Makeup artists with brushes and makeup)




  • Pre-Session 
    – Tips emailed to you
  • Session
    – Determination of the purpose of the portrait
    – Portrait Style Selection (assisted with examples)
    – Coaching and Rehearsal before shooting
    – Photo Shoot with Assisted posing
    Unlimited Outfits Allowed. (Limited by time only)
  • Post-Session 
    – Photo selection: In-Studio / On-Site. Online-Gallery is available for a small fee. See Add-On section below for details.
  • Total Session Duration
  • Location
    In-Studio. On-Location session is available for a small fee. See Add-On section below for details.


  • Full Edition
    We optimize: Colour Saturation, White Balance, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Cropping, Leveling, Noise reduction, and more.
  • Enhanced Portrait Retouching
    Enhanced Portrait Retouching may include: Teeth Whitening, Eye Whitening, Blemish/Scar Removal and Figure Toning – if requested.
  • Artistic Edition
    Artistic Edition Includes the applying of one or several Artistic Enhancement Techniques. For instance, Vignetting, Digital painting, Background enhancing, Coloring Filters, Basic Overlay Textures, lighting effects, undesired object removal, etc.


  • 3 High resolution files included
    Print Release and Publishing license will be provided if required.



  • On location Add-On
    No time to come to our home-studio? Get your headshots and business portraits done in desired location for a small fee:
    $29 Niagara Region,  $49 Hamilton & Burlington.
  • Additional files
    – Fully Retouched File: $49 ea.
    Includes Full Edition, Enhanced Portrait Retouching and Artistic Edition. (See Post Production section above for details.)
    – Un-retouched File:   $15 ea.

    – Un-retouched Image Buyout:  $150.
    Get Practically all the images from the session. We’ll only eliminate those with lack of quality, if any.
  • Additional Photo Shoot time
    Add 30 minutes per $30
  • Online password-protected Gallery
    Available for just $15. Excellent option when you prefer to select your images at a later time, at your own pace, or when you want another person (not present at the time) to help you decide.