Boudoir – Classic Package




  • 2 People at your service
    Up to 1 hour Main photographer (PPOC accredited)
    Up to 1 hour Fine-Art & Posing Director
  • Location


  • Full Edition for ALLimages
    *Included as Part of our signature service*
    We optimize: Colour Saturation, White Balance, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Cropping, Leveling, Noise reduction, and more on every image.
  • Artistic Edition for ALL images
    Artistic Edition Includes the use of one or several Artistic Enhancement Techniques. For instance, Vignetting, Coloring Filters, Basic Overlay Textures,  Background enhancing, undesired object removal, etc. Artistic Edition also includes Enhanced Portrait Retouching for the Bride and Groom. (Details below.)
  • Enhanced Portrait Retouching for ALL images
    Enhanced Portrait Retouching may include: Teeth Whitening, Eye Whitening, Blemish/Scar Removal and Figure Toning – if requested.


  • 8 best images to choose from
    We select and edit the best 10 images for you to choose your favorite 5.
  • 5 HD-resolution files included
    Personal Print Release and Personal Web publishing license is also included for all your images.
    HD-resolution files are perfect to be shown in 1080p TVs/Projectors, computers and phones.
    The smaller side will always be 1080 pixels.
    HD-resolution files are good for prints up to 5×7 (at 216 dpi)



Contact us for pricing. Among the available options are:

  • Printed Albums
  • Prints & Enlargements
  • Canvas
  • Online Photo Album
  • 4K-resolution files…  add $12 per file
    4K-resolution files are perfect to be shown in 4K TVs/Projectors, 4K-computers and 4K phones. It can also be used in lower resolution devices.
    The smaller side will always be 2160 pixels.
    4K-resolution files are excellent for prints up to 8×10 (at 270 dpi). You may be able to print up to 12×18 at (180 dpi) with very decent quality.