A la Carte Wedding Package



None of the packages are quite what you’re looking for? You need A la Carte Package!

Let us know how much Coverage, Featured Portraits, and Products you want and we’ll give you the best possible price. Please choose from the section below and contact us for a quote.

Optional items will be marked with (opt). Items with a ## mean you can select the quantity. If a minimum is required, it will also be shown in red as (min…)



  • Engagement Session (opt)
    ## hour(s) session.
    ## High-res digital images of your choice.
  • Your Own Website (opt)


  • People at your service on your wedding day:
    ## hours Main photographer (PPOC accredited) (min. 4 hr)
    ## hours Fine-Art & Posing Director (min. 4 hr) *Part of our signature service*
    ## hours Second photographer (opt)
  • Fine Art Photography Session
    *Included as Part of our signature service*
    It may take place before or after the ceremony.
  • Unlimited locations
    *Included as Part of our signature service*
    Restricted only by time.
  • 60 to 100 wedding photographs per hour guaranteed.



  • Full Edition for ALL images
    *Included as Part of our signature service*
    We optimize: Colour Saturation, White Balance, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Cropping, Leveling, Noise reduction, and more on every image.
  • Featured Portraits (Artistic Edition)
    ## images (min. 10 images)
    We select the best images and apply our Artistic Edition to make them even more beautiful. Featured portraits normally come from the Fine Art Photography Session but could also come from any other moment on the wedding day.
    Artistic Edition Includes the use of one or several Artistic Enhancement Techniques. For instance, Vignetting, Coloring Filters, Basic Overlay Textures,  Background enhancing, undesired object removal, etc. Artistic Edition also includes Enhanced Portrait Retouching for the Bride and Groom. (Details below.)
  • Enhanced Portrait Retouching (opt) 
    * This is an exclusive service * 
    After you see the images, you may want to give a little touch up to some of your loved ones on images of your selection. Enhanced Portrait Retouching may include: Teeth Whitening, Eye Whitening, Blemish/Scar Removal and Figure Toning – if requested. This service is there for you whenever you need it. Try to get extra edition out from the other guy’s.  Enhanced Portrait Retouching is  only $8 each per person per image. (e.g. retouching Bride’s Mom and Dad in a group portrait counts as 2.)


Tell us in advance exactly what you are looking for and we’ll give you the best price before you decide. No surprises. Select the products you want:

  • Printed Albums (opt)
  • Prints & Enlargements (opt)
  • Canvas (opt)
  • Mobile App (opt)
  • Video Slideshows (opt)
  • High-resolution files
    *Included as Part of our signature service*
    Personal Print Release and Personal Web publishing license is also included for all your images.
  • Online Photo Album (opt)
    ## of months. The album will be there for you to enjoy, share and order prints if desired. The Online Photo Album will be ready within 3 weeks.


  • Wedding Masterpiece (opt)
    $350 per image
    This is a very exclusive product only available to couples hiring our services. It gives you the opportunity of having a unique Fine Art Themed portrait only limited by your imagination. Design your dreamed portrait and we’ll create it for you. Fantasy, elegance, and even humor are just examples of themes you can select. After the shoot, we’ll use selected Fine Art post production Techniques to make the image more beautiful and totally unique.  Example of these Techniques are: Multiple image composition, Digital painting, Atmospheric Effects, Light Effects, Painterly Effects, Soft-focusing, Background replacement, Overlay Textures, etc.
  • Photo Booth (opt)
    For more information, click here.